What I’m Up To Now

Last Updated: May 13, 2018

Now, I’m living in a cheap apartment about 4 hours away from home. I just turned 21, and I’m still trying to find my footing as a functional adult. I’m in a really good mental space!!! I’m hanging out more with friends and getting close to quentin. I have a to-do list much longer than my attention span.

School Now

  • GRADUATED! Technically. I still have 2 courses to finish up, so I’ll be done on June 22, but I have already submitted my graduation forms and stuff and I was supposed to walk on May 4 (but I opted out because I’m lazy).
  • Humanities 1010. I forgot to take this class so it’s required that I take it now. It’s okay so far, and my professor seems cool.
  • Web 4900r This is like an independent research course that I needed for my final upper-division credit! I decided to learn about web security, particularly with APIs and some well-known vulnerabilities.

Work Now

  • Part-time web programmer at my university. I work with WordPress, write plugins, and functions that help the site run harder/better/faster/stronger.
  • Part-part-time web developer at my cousin’s husband’s start-up thing. There are only four of us on the team, and it’s been an awesome experience so far.
  • I recently joined a band! Check out 4am, we’ll have new stuff coming out soon AND we’re working on hosting a festival in New York in the fall 🙂
  • Random, various freelance stuff, as well as some online income via soundcloud, spotify, patreon, donations, etc. (thanks!)


I decided I want to start branding telepathics as a developer, with music and art on the side. I recently posted about some anxieties I have, and got some awesome feedback. So I’m planning a bunch of stuff to push myself in the direction I want. 🙂


This is my now movement contribution. Thanks for reading!