telepathics – Ruins1 min read

I’m wandering ruins. I spent two weeks in France with Quentin, and spent the last week or so in withdrawal because I miss him a lot.  I’m sad about other things too, but also looking forward to a bunch of new stuff.  Here’s nothing special.  Just some feelings.  (Another impulsive release.)

Release Notes

The melody was stuck in my head every day walking home from work, so I thought I’d put it to midi.  This is usually where I’d stick in a clyp of the first version, but, well, this is the first version.

What’s Next?

This kind of made me want to really get back into composition again.  So, look forward to that.  More piano stuff soon, hopefully.

Also, I did get a full-time job as web developer, so I won’t have as much time to work on music.  I made it through my first week and I’ve been pretty drained by the time I get home (plus the dayquil/nyquil sucks the life out of me as well).  My sleep schedule is literally 8pm to 5am, which is good I guess, but doesn’t leave much of a window for anything other than work and twiddling with music.



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