Porter Robinson – Fresh Static Snow (telepathics Live Edit flip)5 min read

Release Notes

Everyone and their mother knows I am die-hard Porter Robinson trash. His music has made a huge impact in my life, and I go about that a little more in the blog post where I met him at his Virtual Self SLC tour stop.

I thought it would be fun to make a remake of his Fresh Static Snow live edit since Second Sky festival is coming up next month! Can’t wait to see everyone there. I intended to post this forever ago, but my anxiety got the best of me. Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic instead, so I decided to finally post. This post was written back in June, so bare that in mind as you read.


Project Files

I won’t be releasing stems/midis or the Ableton project file for this one, just because it’s an unofficial flip and I’ll abide by the same rules I did for the Better Not remix. Thanks for understanding!

However, I will share the Avanna vocals with you, since I didn’t make them. You can thank Huntroxic for those.

❤️ Vocals https://telepath.icu/avanna

The Work in Progress

Fresh Static Snow is my favourite live edit from Porter’s Worlds album shows. It’s just so different from the rest of the set, very “evil”-sounding, and, as my boss described, “bitchin'”.

As soon as Eric helped me get Serum set up, this was the first sound I wanted to attempt to make.

Creative Process

Here’s the first render of my remake. As you can tell, it has come a long way. I’m actually cringing a lot listening to this again. Oh god.

This first render is from April 11, 2019 at 12:46 AM. I have a couple more exports from that night/morning up until 3:57 AM. I remember being so excited to work on it. Keep in mind that my bedtime is usually around 9 or 10 PM.

Now, here is the finished project file!

Can we get a round of applause for Ableton’s groups within groups within groups feature? Don’t be fooled by the slim file project. There are 48 tracks/channels in there.

Getting Help

If you look at my master chain, you’ll notice that there are two Q2 effects in there. That’s deliberate! I found this guy on YouTube called Sadowick and it’s one of the tips he includes. I also purchased one of his full-length tutorials on how to master better, and applied some of those tips to this remake! I’d definitely recommend it.

Edit: I also asked Jupe to help me perfect the bass when I was visiting during my Dummy Lit trip, but when I got back home and reopened up the file, I had no idea how to finish working on it. So, I just ended up using the bass I already had. Would’ve been cool to have bass by Jupe on here.

Initial Feedback

At first, I was genuinely worried I would be laughed off the face of SoundCloud for uploading a Fresh Static Snow remake years after Worlds Tour. I’d like to thank Sammy for helping me get past that fear — or at least helping me to realise that I’m overthinking it. Sammy tried, but I was still obviously not very convinced.

The thing is, I’m still relatively new to production. If I had been able to make something even close to the Fresh Static Snow live edit when it was first leaked, you bet your bottom dollar I would have made an edit then. Now that I’m (more or less) capable of production, I’m happy I can make 16-year-old Maryn proud.

Plus, timing seems great, since Second Sky festival is coming up next month. And I’m incredibly excited for that.

Release Assets

Definitely need to give a huge shout out to Annie for letting me use her fan-artwork for the cover of this remake. It was really cool, because her Reddit account had been inactive for about two years, so I wasn’t expecting a reply.

And of course, here’s the visualiser!

What’s Next?

After posting this to Twitter and getting some very nice feedback, I got a couple DMs asking to collaborate! I am currently very busy with a secret life project, but I am still also working with my band Manifold Home and waiting on a collab release with Oksami!

My next post will (most likely) be a post about Madeon’s All My Friends tour. I’m going to his Paris stop with Quentin and I am beyond excited.

Can’t wait to share with you.