JUNETEENTH 2020 Discoveries2 min read

What better way to kick off my music recommendation series than with my Juneteenth 2020 discoveries! I used “Black Bandcamp” to search for and support Black artists, and will definitely be looking for more in the future.

Bandcamp announced that they would donate their share of sales to the NAACPL for Juneteenth 2020, so I thought it would be the perfect time to purchase an album or three. Here are some of the highlights that I found today!

“LEGACY! LEGACY!” by Jamila Woods

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Jamila Woods is a Chicago-based artist with a passion for music, poetry, and political commentary. She explained how she named each track on “LEGACY! LEGACY!” after some of her personal inspirations. Juneteenth 2020 is the perfect time to celebrate these legacies! It was a tough choice, but “GIOVANNI” and “MUDDY” are my favourite tracks from the album. If there is one album you explore from this post, let it be this one.

“Equal Amounts Afraid” by LA Timpa

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LA Timpa’s discordant mood hooked me immediately. He was born in Nigeria, then immigrated to Canada during his childhood. “Equal Amounts Afraid” showcases a familiar, modern ambient style, with a subtle blend of electronic R&B. “Tried Ice” is my album top pick, which sounds like an amalgamation of the entire set packed into one track.

“Them Spirits” by AKUA

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“Them Spirits” is the debut album of composer, singer, and producer AKUA. Her voice is light and angelic, complementing the r&b/soul instrumentals perfectly. It’s an incredible independent album. After a little bit of research, it seems as though her father’s passing influenced the album and AKUA walks us through her own stages of grief. My favourite track off the album is “Queen” – a beautifully written vocal arrangement.

Celebrating Juneteenth 2020

I strongly encourage you to look into diversifying your music collection with artists of different backgrounds. And – go beyond! Start educating yourself on Black oppression, injustice, and every day experiences. I’m currently reading How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi, and it is giving me so much insight. There are also a plethora of movies, series, podcasts, and more at the ready.

If you find other Black artists you’d like to share with me, feel free!