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Sorry this post is up so late, but I’ll explain why in a moment.

This trip (as most of them are) was definitely an impulse decision on my part, but I’m really glad I went. Madeon will be performing Good Faith closer to me on November 5th, but I’ll be kind of busy that day. So, where better to experience Madeon than in his home country of France, with the love of my life, Quentin?

Madeon was definitely my favourite set at Second Sky. Quentin can probably attest to how much I enjoyed myself dancing to the Adventure/Good Faith edits. This gave me such high hopes for Good Faith Live.

Revisiting Amiens

I think this was my third time visiting France to see Quentin. I visited the first time last October, again in February for Valentine’s Day, and then this trip. It always kind of feels like home.

Traveling from my town to Salt Lake City takes roughly four hours, then the (thankfully) non-stop flight takes roughly 10 more hours. I hate traveling because it is the optimal period to catch a bug, which seems to happen more often than not. All three times I’ve traveled to/from France, I’ve gotten sick. It’s literally 3 for 3 at this point.

Of course, I’m always reminded that it’s worth it when I see Quentin again.

Traveling to Paris

After two days of resting at Quentin’s apartment, we took a train to Paris, because that’s where Good Faith was set to show. So, more traveling, but just about an hour and a half.

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We first met up with Thomas (Khamsin) and Nicolas (Lain) at the train station. After greeting each other via la bise – which will still take me some time to remember to do – we started walking toward our AirBnb, just so we could be in the general premise. There were a few hours left to kill before we were allowed to check in, so we walked to a nearby bar to wait for Ismaël (Kultur) and Thomas’ girlfriend, Linda.

Quentin just got the new iPhone 11, so of course everyone wanted to play with the new camera features. This carried on even into the AirBnb. Quentin has more footage if you really want to see it.

Good Faith AirBnb feat. Slow Hours

When we did get to our quaint, little living space, of course, there was a lot of roaming around and exploration. One thing that really stuck out to me was that there were no bathroom doors, unless you count the middle bathroom, which had two doors and acted as a hallway between a bedroom and the main areas.

I really liked the main area, even though it was a little unusual. It was a thin strip of kitchen looking into the dining area. We all spent a lot of time here playing games and talking and having a good time. Quentin even brought his Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, so him and Thomas played that for a bit. We also played Pictionary on the chalkboard.

Enzo (Astre) and his siblings joined us soon after. For those a little out of the loop – Quentin, Nicolas, Enzo, Ismaël, and Thomas are all in a music group (band? of boys? a boy band??) called Slow Hours. Their music is really good, you all should check it out if you haven’t already.

Good Faith Live at Élysée Montmartre

Later that evening, we finally started heading out. We ordered an Uber (use my invite code marynw31ue pretty please) to the venue, and went right in. It was so different from any venue I had been to before; it looked like a place of royalty. Fitting, since I hold Madeon on a pedestal.

After a little more Google searching research, it looks like the Élysée Montmartre had been in use since 1807, aside from a brief period where it burnt down and was restored. That explains the regal, old-timey feel of the place. It featured a long staircase leading up to the main floor, where Good Faith would later be held.

Finally Meeting Fokushi

Foxi and I share a love for music, creation, Eden, and of course, Madeon. I believe we met online about two years ago – I accidentally stumbled on his music and his little world and he coincidentally found mine as well shortly after! We have talked many times about making music together, so hopefully we actually start something soon.

He lives in the suburbs of Paris, so of course we had to meet up for this event. And we got such cute photos! Our meeting was brief, but he was so sweet and we hugged maybe 20 times in the span of 5 minutes. I hope to have an actual hang out the next time I’m in Paris.

I’m cheesing so hard in that first picture and I look really bad. But I was so happy to see Foxi and he looks great in these so it’s ok!

La Bise Everyone!

Slow Hours seems to know the entire population of Paris. It seemed as though every minute during the opening act, there were three more people to greet salut and kiss their cheeks. I don’t have a problem with it, it’s just something I need to get used to as an uncultured American.

We met Jonathan Bertin, a wonderful photographer. We also met up with Jude (Kerstell), who had also hung out with us at Second Sky. It was really nice to see a familiar face, and Jude is so kind.

Quentin pointed out someone wearing a yellow shirt in the crowd who was a popular French YouTuber. Then some time later, we la bise‘d a guy wearing a yellow shirt, so I asked Quentin if that was the YouTuber. He looked at me surprised, laughed, and said, “No! That’s Petit Biscuit!”

I felt really dumb that I didn’t recognize him. Mehdi, if you’re reading this, I love your music. I just have never seen your face before. And the yellow shirt threw me off.

Good Faith Live

Finally. The moment we’ve been waiting for.

I don’t want to spoil too much for those who are waiting for their turn to experience Good Faith in person. I also don’t necessarily remember the entire show in chronological order. But I remember how I felt, and I remember how gorgeous the visuals were, and I remember how happy I was to turn to my right and see Quentin singing and dancing along with me.


I cannot get over the visuals. And perhaps my only complaint about the entire show is that it was too short. It was only an hour long, and I wanted it to keep going. Quentin and Jude both suggested that it was because he was touring before the official release of the new album, so he didn’t want to give too much away.

When I was younger (16-19ish) and went to concerts, I definitely had my phone out and ready to film or take pictures. Nowadays, I just forget for the most part. I wish I had more footage and photos of the show to share with you, but my phone was in my bag for the entirety of Good Faith. Luckily, I found this video taken at the Paris show. Not much else, though.

Jude and I were hoping that Madeon would give a shout out to his French supporters, since he is from Nantes. He said merci. 🙂 Anyway, I did also find this playlist from Lollapalooza if you do want a teaser of the visuals. Did I mention they were beautiful? Marching hooded figures, regal hails to Madeon. He played a lot with colour, shapes, and contrast. And, of course, featured plenty of cryptic messages written in his Adventure language.

We also got a couple of new sneak peeks for upcoming tracks! I believe it would be harder to debut new music live at a show like this because you also want the audience to dance to it. It seems harder for the crowd to react when they haven’t heard the song before. That’s most likely why we still got Adventure sprinkled throughout the set. And Shelter, of course.

Regardless, it was a brilliant show, and I miss it a lot.

Post-Good Faith

After the show, we all left the venue and waited at the entrance to make sure we weren’t missing anyone from our little gang. Everyone started speaking in French trying to get everyone together. I overheard a few words I could recognize – manger? Allons! My fingertips touched each other as I held up an imaginary burger to my lips and pretended to chew ravenously. “Manger!” I repeated.


We started walking toward the nearest McDonald’s (I guess it’s called McDo in France). Everyone was laughing, excited, chatting about how great Good Faith was. A couple people, including Quentin, took turns riding on a rented electric scooter. I got a little left behind because I was scared to cross the street without a “Walk!” sign, so I waited for the proper indicators.

Eventually, I met up with everyone in the McDonald’s and we found a place to sit. Quentin had ordered me some chicken nuggets and my favourite thé glacé à la pêche. We sat and ate, then took an Uber (invite code marynw31ue !) back to the AirBnb. I was getting sleepy, and a little left out since everyone was speaking mostly French, so I headed upstairs to get ready for bed. I stayed up for several hours listening to everyone have fun just underneath me.

A Little Anxiety

I wasn’t sure if I should have left this part out of the post or not.

I’m never proud of succumbing to my anxieties, and this is no exception. If you’ve read previous blog posts, maybe you’ve already seen that I sometimes get anxious to release a song or respond to people. Since we’re being open here, since this is my safe space, I thought I’d document it anyway. It’s just what happened, and I’m learning from it!

The next morning, I came downstairs and someone had brought out a couple bags of pain au chocolat for breakfast. I also made a little espresso. Quentin and I left the AirBnb together to get snacks and drinks for everyone for the day. It was meant to be a chill day, just working on music and catching up with friends. We got chips, cheese, bread, and saucisson. And more peach tea!

Getting Stuck

After some light snacking, my stomach started to churn a little. I excused myself upstairs to lay down again. Somehow, I managed to stay in the room for seven hours. Don’t get me wrong, I tried to bring myself to go back downstairs, but I kept thinking about how left out I started to feel the previous night, unable to communicate.

Here’s a pro-tip for anyone dealing with anxiety. It’s easy to just lock yourself away when you’re experiencing it. But, it really doesn’t help, so don’t do it.

Toward the seventh-hour mark, I texted my buddy Eric to listen and help me get out of it. I told him that I felt like I had already dug myself so deep, but if I didn’t leave the room for the day, I will have felt as though I’d missed my chance. That really helped a lot, and I texted Quentin to come upstairs for me so we could go down together. It helped me a lot as well.

We all spent the rest of the night playing games, talking, and just hanging out. It really was all just in my head and I need to learn from this for next time. This blog post has been late in its publishing stage, but it’s just because I was nervous about putting this part out there. I didn’t want to be dishonest and pretend that going to Paris to see Madeon was the best experience ever, so I decided to include my struggles with it as well. Also, I hope it helps at least one person who reads this.

Back to Amiens

The next day, we packed up and cleaned the entire AirBnb before heading out to the train station – la gare. There, we grabbed a sandwich and some coffee, said our goodbyes, and were on our way. I was asleep for half of the train ride, since we had a late night having fun.

Then, I had about two days left in Amiens before my flight back home. Unfortunately, I could feel my throat getting scratchy and my nose started to run. Despite my best efforts, I still managed to get sick. It’s happened every time I’ve visited France so far.

So, I spent the day resting and drawing. We also went out to dinner with Quentin’s parents before my cold got too bad. Quentin took me to the pharmacy to get some medicine, but the pharmacist recommended we get these nose-stickers that help you breathe better. I’m actually glad we did that instead of OTC medication, because this was the tamest cold I’ve caught, and I’m glad I didn’t over-treat it.

Closing Remarks

As much as I love Madeon and am excited for his Good Faith project, you’ll notice that this post was mostly about my trip to France rather than about Madeon’s show. That’s how it felt to me as well. While lovely, his show was too short.

Well, I’ve been home for about two weeks now, still getting over my cold. I’ve been keeping very busy, with a life project I’m working on and haven’t publicly announced yet. But it’s coming up really soon and I’m super excited for it!

Eric and I also released our Lovely remix pretty much as soon as I landed back in America. It’s so good, please go check it out.

Thanks for all your love and support. I know not many people read my blog posts, but thank you specifically for going through this with me.