Kidswaste, Duskus, Tails, & Droeloe in Santa Ana8 min read

Wow, I completely spaced writing about my trip to see this show in Santa Ana, probably because I spent the next week hosting Quentin (Kidswaste) at my apartment. This event was nearly a month ago, but it’s such a good, fresh memory in my mind.

Travel Day (to Santa Ana)

I took a shuttle to the Las Vegas airport, then a flight to Santa Ana. My travel flaw is that I have a tendency to over-calculate the amount of time I need to go through security and get all my flight stuff settled, so I spent several hours in the Las Vegas airport.

It’s not the worst airport; I actually kind of enjoy being there despite the fact that I seem to get sick after every visit. Usually I kill time by grabbing a bite to eat, exploring a little, and playing Animal Crossing.

It was Shamrock day/weekend on ACNL (St. Patrick’s Day tribute), so I dressed up my character in all green and she looked super cute. That’s not an important detail, but it made me very happy.

For the first time, I decided to explore a couple of the shops. There, I found that they sell duty-free tiny jars of Nutella and giant chupa-chup suckers. This is absolutely hilarious to me and I still can’t get over it.

Tiny Nutella jars in the Las Vegas airport

Giant chupa-chups in the Las Vegas airport

Finally, I was able to board my flight and head off to Santa Ana. The flight there was actually pretty rough, and I got a little anxious, but we pulled through. When I landed, I messaged my friend Adam and he picked me up. We made our way to the Observatory venue and said hello to The Boys!

Meeting Droeloe was so casual — they’re such nice guys! I didn’t get any pictures with them, but that’s alright. I met them and they’re great. Everyone was getting the set together and getting ready, so Adam and I just kinda hung around in the green room until our friend Angie was available to grab dinner. Quentin was torn between going to dinner with me and my friends or having his final dinner with the Tour family, so I urged him to spend time with them. Besides, I’d have him for the next week 🙂

Meeting Santa Ana Friends

Angie, Adam, and I had Raising Canes. I got a kid’s meal but it was still enough to fill me up. It was pretty good, plus I got stickers that I brought back with me. Most of the meal, we just caught up on life and got to know each other better. I just want to say that I love Angie to death. She’s so great and I look up to her a lot. Hopefully we can meet up again soon!

We wanted to get some pictures and dessert, so we went to a bubble waffle-cone ice cream shop. Unfortunately, their desserts were the sizes of full meals, so we just took cute pictures and left.

It's not gonna lick itself.

We decided to get some boba tea at this really cute place called Milk Bar. Angie had been there before, so I followed her lead and got a Vanilla Jasmine Matcha somethin’ somethin’, I don’t remember. But it was delicious! And we took our drinks out into a lounge center of the District and talked and took even more pictures.

Polaroids with Angie in the District (Santa Ana)
I’m pretty sure this is the only image from this weekend that doesn’t have my face covered. And I actually think it’s cute. But that’s only because it’s an instax image and you can’t zoom in.
Getting a Santa Ana favourite: Boba Tea with Angie and Adam.


After we had finished up our boba, Angie had to go home to study for finals. So Adam and I headed back to the Observatory. The Tour guys were still out at dinner, so Adam and I spent time playing (or in my case, learning) Smash on Quentin’s switch. I lost. A lot.

There was another artist playing before the Droeloe show. He’s apparently a popular YouTube singer or something named Conan Gray. The place was packed with young, screaming girls. It’s really cute. That’s how I was at Virtual Self, so I can’t be judgemental about this.

Tails & Duskus

I met Tails and Duskus briefly before the show while Adam and I were just hanging out in the green room. They were so kind! And I absolutely loved their sets. I remember feeling very impressed, but I can’t go into much detail about it since it has been a month.

Also, it’s very cool to have seen Tails pop up on some upcoming event posters. He’ll be at EDC Las Vegas 2019 and Electric Zoo! If you’ll be around those, I’d definitely recommend going to see him.


Alright, prepare for some biased comments here, but I love watching Quentin perform. This was my second time seeing him play (first time was at Electric Forest last year) and my reaction was about the same: head-over-heels and wanting to yell to everyone in the room that I love him.

From what I’ve seen, Quentin’s sets are always very emotional but fun. He loves interacting with the crowd, and the crowds have been very excited and receptive. Also, look how CUTE he is!


I’ve been a fan of Droeloe for a while, their music production is incredible. When Quentin told me he was touring with them, I freaked out a little. They also have supported my friend Charlie (Duumu) a lot and it makes me so happy to see all of these great producers working together.

Their set was super creative as well. They play in a huge cube that apparently takes an hour or so to set up, and the light show was so satisfying to watch. For some of their set, Quentin and I ran up to the top balcony and just sat and enjoyed the view. I loved it so much — the energy of the crowd, the excitement, the pure love of the music being played.


After the show, Quentin and I hung around backstage, then Adam and our server friend Andrew came and waited around backstage as well for some pictures.

Photo with Adam and Quentin!

There wasn’t much to do here, and eventually Quentin and I left to our hotel to sleep.

The next morning, Quentin was still sleepy but I was hungry, so I got up earlier to get Free Hotel Breakfast, which is, debatably, the best kind of breakfast. I remember grabbing an extra muffin for Quentin, but I think I ended up eating it since he didn’t want it.

Travel Day (Bye, Santa Ana)

After spending only roughly 20 hours in Santa Ana, it was time to head home. We waited at the airport for a bit, where Quentin played Smash and I played more Animal Crossing, then we flew back to Las Vegas and took a shuttle home. I remember feeling like the shuttle took an eternity to get back.

We were sleeping pretty much the entirety of these travels, so there isn’t much exciting to report here, except that I think it’s very cute that we traveled together. The next week was a lot of fun too, being able to go to work and come home to my Cute Boyfriend. He spent some time preparing for the next weekend’s show at Buku, but unfortunately I didn’t get to go. It seemed like fun though!