Manila Killa at SKY SLC5 min read

This is essentially going to be a hype-up post for my friend Chris, AKA Manila Killa. We hung out and he performed at Electric Forest last year, and we met up again during Second Sky! I actually had no idea he would be performing in Salt Lake City until Brett Blackman told me about it and offered me a +3 on the guest list. Thanks, Brett!

No Banana Bread for Manila Killa

Before the show, I went to my grandparents’ house for dinner. I told my grandma that I was going to see my friends at a concert, so she sent me home with plenty of banana bread. She’s the best.

Unfortunately, Chris is allergic to banana bread. So I brought ring pops for everyone instead! Though that wasn’t a very great idea either, since I didn’t even get to say hi to Chris before/after his Manila Killa set anyway. Oh well. I will give you your ring pop another day.

No banana bread for Manila Killa.  Bad news: Pecans.

Meeting up with SHSTR (finally)

Two long years after Shelter Live, I finally met up with Daniel, AKA SHSTR! We have tried meeting up a couple times since then, such as at Virtual Self and Second Sky, but we had a hard time with that for some reason. I was glad to see him again, and I was welcomed with a warm hug and a Shelter vinyl he has kept for me all these years.

We headed toward the venue, Sky SLC. This was my first time at that club (or any club for that matter), but I receive copious amounts of their event promotion emails. The website noted that there was a strict dress code on Saturdays. So, I spent a good half hour freaking out to Daniel and Chris (Manila Killa) over text message, while also raiding my mother’s closet for something that wasn’t a t-shirt and leggings.


I hadn’t heard of the opener, Pluko, but he did really well. He gathered a crowd very early on in the night, and he played a lot of fun tracks. Daniel noted to me that he sounded like he was very into the underground Soundcloud scene, which makes a lot of sense.

Daniel and I were sitting in the main court area of the venue. A guy came up to me and asked me why I wasn’t dancing, to which I sarcastically responded, “I am!” He made a face and told me that if I wasn’t dancing the next time he saw me, he’d drag me out into the dance floor. I laughed, but ignored his threat.

Cosmo’s Midnight

Originally, I thought I hadn’t heard of Cosmo’s Midnight. However, I found that I had actually favourited their Flume remix from six years ago. They also have remixes of Porter Robinson, and features by Lido, Wave Racer, and Sara Bonito. I’ve heard all of those!

Daniel told me that this was the first time he had seen any sort of live set up at SKY SLC. Cosmo’s Midnight had a really chill set, which somehow also made me feel like dancing. They sang, played guitar, and drums live. It was really cool to watch!

And, I was only watching. The guy from earlier came back around and exclaimed, “you’re still not dancing! Do you need me to buy you a drink?” I laughed and told him that I was fine, and I don’t really drink. Then, I asked Daniel if we could go up to the balcony instead of sitting in the main lounge.

Manila Killa (DJ Set)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to any of Manila Killa’s tour dates for his debut EP tour, 1993. However, he just added some new dates for the fall. He’ll be playing east coast, Canada, as well as the west coast. So, maybe I’ll see you in Las Vegas!

His set was great. The crowd was huge for such a small venue. We watched from above as everyone gathered around and danced. Daniel told me that he hadn’t seen so many people there at once.

Chris surprised me by playing a Ghost Voices edit in the middle of his set. I even had to ask him afterward for the sauce. (It was an edit he made featuring both the lane 8 remix and cheyenne giles remix). He also played some Fisher, as seen in the above video, plenty more Porter Robinson, and even MGMT.

Toward the end of the show, I was kind of regretting not wearing my leggings, because it was chilly, and I was a little too sleepy to dance myself warm. But it was a great show regardless!

Closing Remarks

Again, huge thank you to Daniel for being my +1, to Brett for inviting me, and to Chris for his performance. As Daniel was driving me home, he even talked about how he picked up on a lot of new techniques from both Pluko and Manila Killa that he may use in future sets. That’s awesome. I love when inspiration hits after a show.

It was one of Manila Killa's favourite shows ever!

Of course, thank you for reading!