G Jones at Webster Hall in New York City7 min read

First 2020 post: G Jones! Happy New Year 🙂

For those who don’t keep up, I’m in NYC to work on getting my French visa. Since I have never visited, I took to Twitter for tourist recommendations. Alex suggested I see Webster Hall, as it was recently remodelled. Then, John later brought up that G Jones would be playing during my visit dates. It seemed to line up perfectly.

Quentin blessed me with the chance to see G Jones perform on the first day of Second Sky last summer. The visuals were insane, and I was already a huge fan of The Ineffable Truth. I was excited what he’d bring to Webster Hall.

Fortunately, I was also able to have plenty of free time to meet up with friends during my visit. So, I do want to give a quick rundown of what we did.

Hello from New York City!

The last time I hung out with Reach was Dummy Lit weekend, so it was great to see him again. We spent a lot of time walking around (I think about 28,000 steps that day), then tried out Black Tap. Aside from the long waiting line, the vegan burger was great. Then, we were too full to try out the famous milkshakes.

Lancelot and I had shortly met up in Taiwan back in 2015, so it was awesome to see him again! We walked around Central Park and the Met for a while. That evening, we visited a little bit of Chinatown, where we (fittingly) stopped to grab dinner at a Taiwanese shop.

I also grabbed an Arnold Palmer with Jorge (of Nurtured Ideas) as we talked about almost everything. Music, roommates, accounting, and more. It’s always nice to be able to have a flowing conversation with someone you’ve just met.

John took me to my first KBBQ, which I absolutely loved. Then, we walked up and down the High Line and talked about life. There was more walking, as we stumbled into an art exhibition. Eventually, we found ourselves back at my hostel for some free slices of New York pizza.

And the last NYC meet-up was with Puppet! We browsed a record store, looking for someone we might recognize. We also walked up a park and saw pretty much the entire tri-state area from the rooftop. Back at his place, he showed me some of his music stuff. Then I asked for feedback on a song I’m working on, and we just hung out for the evening. It was really nice, and I miss Punkie already.

Webster Hall

I took the subway, and missed my train by a mere thirty seconds. So, I stood there, waiting, accompanied only by a rat the size of my foot scampering about the platform. However, once I did find my way to Webster Hall, I ran through security and ticket check, and straight to the merch booth.

Let me tell you – the design is truly amazing IRL.

I then waited a little longer to meet up with John. He found his way to me quickly, then bought his own merch as well. Soon, we pushed into the main ballroom. John asked if I wanted to go into the crowd, but we ended up staying to the side for a bit.


We arrived at the very tail-end of Sayer’s set, right as he was introducing Machinedrum to the stage. His set was really fun! I hadn’t heard of him prior to this show (and, had a hard time finding his music because I kept searching for Drum Machine). However, he’s gained a new fan from his set opening for G Jones.

Moving to the Balcony

As with many venues, there was a long balcony overlooking the crowd and into the stage. Midway through Machinedrum’s set, I asked John if he wanted to head upstairs with me. I don’t really do crowds, and prefer a more breathe-able environment. He obliged, and we went upstairs.

An E-forest Reunion

It was dark and I look generally out of character past my bedtime. Against the odds, I was spotted by a couple friendly faces that I’d met at Electric Forest 2018. First by David, then Ashley and Jef. It was really nice to see them again, and now I can’t believe Eforest was almost so long ago.

Also, I quickly caught Jorge again before he had to leave in the middle of the G Jones set. It was good to see him again before the end of my trip as well!

G Jones at Webster Hall

G Jones released his latest album, “Tangential Zones” at the beginning of December 2019. Unfortunately, I hadn’t heard it until a month later. My friend Jules suggested we listen to it while we were driving back from a New Years eve in Paris. It’s insane; the perfect epilogue to The Ineffable Truth.

G Jones played (I think) all of both Tangential Zones and The Ineffable Truth, as well as (possibly) some other tracks sprinkled in here and there. I just remember going absolutely crazy to Different Sound and Arbiter’s Theme in particular. The entire two hours of G Jones was mind blowing, and I was enjoying every second of it.

I love that G Jones has an incredibly distinct sound, but you can still differentiate between each track. It makes listening through the album(s) a lot more meaningful. And it was fun to recognize them as they played throughout the night.

While G Jones played “Everything All At Once“, I overheard the girls in front of us complain about being there, or wanting to leave, or something. They seemed to change their mind as soon as the next head-banger came on.

G Jones saying thank you to his fans
G Jones in the spotlight

Anyway, they did end up leaving a bit early, so John and I grabbed their balcony spots and ended the show actually being able to see G Jones. Luckily, there were screens showing the visuals, which I remembered from Second Sky. Incredible. Got these beautiful shots of the man himself, as well.

Some Closing Thoughts

I love it when I don’t have any anxiety stories to tell in these blog posts. It was overall a really good night, and I loved every moment of it.

The atmosphere was a complete 360 from Second Sky. At the festival, it was bright, mid-day, everyone was pretty spread apart, and we were kind of far away from the speakers. G Jones definitely needs to be experienced at least once in a dark, sold-out concert hall with 1500 people shoulder-to-shoulder at 2-4 am.

Front of G Jones' first-release of Tangential Zones merchandise shirt.

Even relistening to his discography while writing this post made me want to go back immediately. Also, maybe I’ll take better merch shots later, but maybe not. I only have four hours of sleep and two bowls of cereal in me at the moment.

This was an amazing show to start off 2020.