Electric Forest 201819 min read

This was my first time going to Electric Forest, and it was also my first multi-day festival event. I am so happy that I got to support my friends, including my boyfriend, Quentin, for his 21st birthday!

Traveling Cross-Country

The trek to Electric Forest was pretty intense. My flight got cancelled last minute due to weather, so I was stressed out, trying to get it all sorted. I ended up booking an earlier, more expensive flight. This meant I had to pack super quickly into a tiny backpack, and then I headed out.

I took a shuttle to Las Vegas, then got checked in and hung out at the airport for a few hours until I was able to board my flight to Cincinnati. Huge shout out to my buddy Jupe for playing fortnite with me even though I suck! A connecting flight took me from Cincinnati to Chicago, and then I took a shuttle to Montague. After taking timezones into account, the whole journey was around 20 hours long.

On the shuttle from the O’Hare airport to the Electric Forest site, I met a new friend! His name is Alex, and we spent the entire ride talking about how excited we were for eforest.

When I arrived at Montague, Alistair and Kat picked me up and took me to the house everyone was staying in for the week. Basically, I got there, said hello to everyone, then passed out for a while. We also got some food and finished up watching a movie they had all started.

Electric Forest Day 1 (6/28/18)

I’m not exaggerating, but Quentin’s birthday was probably the best day of my entire life.

After I wished Q a happy birthday and gave him his gifts and kisses, everyone started packing and cleaning up the house. We were moving into the Holiday Inn for easier access to the festival, instead of staying at that Airbnb. After we got everything and everyone moved over, we all packed into a van together and headed back to Electric Forest grounds.

We got our access wristbands – I was actually granted two tiers: Artist and Forest Friend. Quentin and I also got drinking-age verified, since we’re both 21 years old now! We grabbed a drink, and Quentin’s first priority was to get a haircut. He’s so cute.

Sets and Friends

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to attend Electric Forest to support my friends. MELVV, aka Jef was the first to play, and his set was fantastic! It was great to finally see his performance, since Quentin had been touring with him recently.

melvv @ electric forest 2018
Photo credits to his girlfriend, Ashley Yu 🙂

We were all just dancing along in the background and having a good time. Afterward, we all talked in the back room and met some new faces, namely Daktyl and MOONZz, who are both incredible at their live performances. We watched them play next, and I’ll include this little video because it’s the only known existing video of me at Electric Forest 2018.

More Shows, More Dancing

Yeah, and I’m going to be completely honest, the rest of the night was a total blur. We took golf carts to get to certain shows, we sat around for dinner at the Artist compound (no one was allowed to eat except MELVV and his girlfriend, so we just talked, really).

Honestly I can’t tell you who we saw, since we were moving around a lot and I was just tagging along. However, we definitely saw Louis the Child and Kasbo, we danced all night. At one point I met Mija and Quentin said we were both really shy to each other.

We also hung out in the greenrooms and Freddy from Louis the Child said that Quentin and I were a cute couple. That made me really happy.

Exploring the Forest

Late that night/early the next morning, there was a JAUZ set that ended up having a million people at the CDJs, including Quentin.

jauz and friends @ electric forest
Photo by @BrittniMullins on Twitter 🙂

We got special pink wristbands that let us go into the VIP area, but I had dropped my earplugs and had to get out of that area so my ears wouldn’t hurt. I danced in the GA crowd for a while, then Quentin’s friend, Jeannette suggested we go explore the Forest. Kat and Daktyl tagged along as well, and it was great.

The forest was technically closed, but we managed to sneak in, and we made some new friends in a dome. We did a little show-and-tell thing, where Kat showed us her vlogs and I showed a hip-hop-style song I’ve been working on. Quentin called asking where we were since we disappeared, so we headed back out to meet up with everyone. It was about 3 or 4am at this time, and everyone was still happy and smiling while we all packed up and headed back to the hotel. I remember there being a little bit of a mix up, so we rode back with JAUZ, which was crazy to me. We all went to sleep at like 5am or later.

Electric Forest Day 2 (6/29/18)

We like to call this day “Dad’s Day Off”, because the only people who went to Electric Forest were Alistair and Brett. Actually, I think Kat and Jeannette went back too, but “Dad’s Day Off” is so funny to me.

Quentin and I didn’t even wake up until about 7pm. We were obviously pretty hungry by then, so Steven, Chris, Quentin, and I all ordered a couple of pizzas. It took about three hours to get to us and they forgot my Supreme order, but we all ate and enjoyed. I think Step Brothers was on in the background.

electric forest pizza date

The recovery day was definitely necessary, especially since we went all-out for Quentin’s birthday the previous day/night. We went back to bed around midnight.

Electric Forest Day 3 (6/30/18)

There was a cute little café that we visited on the first and third day called Carmen’s Café. The first day, I got french toast, and the third day, I got a Belgium waffle. They were both delicious and they gave me a lot of coffee. Everyone loves Carmen’s.

These breakfasts were a lot of fun, mostly because it was downtime and social eating with everyone before we headed out to the Electric Forest. We made jokes, we’re here for the chuckles. It was nice for bonding. I was here when Brett made this meme.

Jef and Ashley left this morning, but not before I could sneak in a selfy for my URL->IRL Facebook album. We sat in the lobby for a while after breakfast, just talking. It was kind of sweet; we talked about how we all met on Twitter, and how Jef and I were friends before he and Quentin really talked. We talked about Lamp Chat.


Festive Festival Festivities

At the actual festival, it was about a million degrees Fahrenheit. We ended up not doing much, since everyone was super tired and exhausted from the heat. Quentin and Chris had interviews and stuff in the “Media Tent”, so I just kinda hung around in the shade while they did all that cool stuff. I’m trying to find their interviews, but I can’t find them, so I’ll try to remember to update this post later.

Since we didn’t see many sets this day (it was way too hot out), we got some festival food and explored the Forest a little more. We tried the giant meatballs that Chris was obsessed with, and we got fried cookie dough, which I had been looking forward to since I saw Motti tweet about it during Weekend 1.

We hung out a little more in some back access area, and we could hear the Glitch Mob begin their set in the stage in front of us. I had already seen Glitch Mob play in 2014 (jesus christ), so I didn’t want to be super pushy to everyone if they just wanted to relax. Luckily, we got to go into the crowd for even a little while. Quentin was being super cute about it.

Electric Forest Day 4 (7/1/18)

We had to get up earlier for the final day, since Quentin had his sound check in the morning. I was also supposed to sleep on the campgrounds that night, since my shuttle left even earlier the next day, so I packed up all my things and brought them with me. Also, here’s a super emo pic Q took of me when we got off the van.

Anyway, I tried not to spoil Quentin’s set for myself while he was doing his soundcheck, but it got me super excited. He’s just so passionate about it and his hard work really shows.

We searched the Artist’s Compound for a while afterward to see where his greenroom was, but it turned out to be at the Tripolee backstage, where we just were. That was completely fine, since it was a trailer with air conditioning. I stole the sponsored hair-care gummies.

We spent a lot of time that morning just hanging out in Quentin’s greenroom. On the Tripolee stage, IRIS (I think part of discovery project) was playing some sick bass music. We were all still waking up, but we ended up catching the last of her set and jamming out.

Kidswaste LIVE @ 3:00pm, Tripolee Stage

maryn mirin quentin hardcore
Picture cred – Steven of course 🙂

I am super duper proud of Quentin for his set. He was really enjoying himself, and I was really enjoying watching him play his show for everyone to see. I got called out on it a couple times by David and also by Thomas on Twitter.

After his set (and after I gave him the biggest hug and kiss like a lame-o), Quentin went out to say hello to everyone who came to listen. I feel like I fell in love with him again just seeing him interact with strangers-now-friends.

There was one fan throughout his set who sang along to every single song, we jokingly called him Chad, but we found out later his name is Jordan! He was an interesting character and it really just goes to show Q’s impact with music.

im kidswaste #1 fan
Picture credit to Steven and now thank the Lord I have a full album of these.
sneaky mirin at eforest
Also Steven’s picture, and surprise, I’m mirin’ in this one too! 🙂

The Calm Before The Storm

We all went back into Quentin’s greenroom to just celebrate the set and talk and hang out. I feel like I really got to bond with everyone even more, or at least to learn more about everyone. We just sat and talked and joked and drank. We were all coming down from Quentin’s set and ready to go watch Chris’s.

Picture credit by Steven (again) 🙂

I actually got super tired from drinking, though I swear to you I didn’t even have more than 2 sips. So, after dancing a while, I went back to the greenroom to rest. Quentin came in to check in on me, and not even a few minutes later, we heard Chris’s music stop and Chris yelled “security, security!” in the mic, so Quentin ran to go check in on what happened. Apparently, someone jumped onto the stage and pushed Chris trying to take over or something.


I don’t really want to talk about it too much, since I wasn’t there and I don’t really want to start anything, but it’s insane to me how something like this could even happen. I think Steven got a video of it somewhere. Anyway, #PROTECTMANILAKILLA at all costs. He handled the whole situation very well, and I hope this encourages Electric Forest to step up their security game a little, even at 5:30pm.

The Actual Storm

I’m incredibly grateful that it didn’t rain during Quentin’s or Chris’s set. We went over to the artist compound for a bit because the next group of artists were taking over Q’s greenroom. The plan was to hang out at Chris’s greenroom, but then the weather started to go sour, and the whole forest was told to evacuate. Our final, executive decision was to just head back to the hotel, since everyone was still shook from the guy who jumped on set.

We all started running to the artist shuttles, and just as we all crammed in, it began to downpour. It was a Code Red or whatever, so we couldn’t even drive out — we were all just sitting there waiting for the rain to pass. We recapped what had happened, we all comforted Chris, and it ended up not being so bad after all. We kind of went crazy after a while, singing silly songs and making stupid jokes. It was good. When the rain cleared, we drove back to the hotel.

A Night In

Ali, David, Chris, Quentin and I hung out in the parking lot for a second, taking pictures of the post-storm sunset and waiting for Kat and Jeannette to drive back. And, I got this cute picture.

parking lot buds

When Kat and Jeannette arrived, we all headed back up to the hotel room. I think Kimmie ordered pizza (and they kind of? got my Supreme right this time). We all started watching Coco and eating pizza and talking and having a good time. In the other room, Ali and Brett were watching Naked and Afraid or something like that, making jokes about how it depicted Electric Forest Weekend Three.

Everyone started getting tired, so Quentin and I finished watching Coco together in bed. It was a super cute movie. I fell asleep knowing everything was going to be alright. We are right where we are supposed to be.

Traveling Back Home

I woke up earlier than anyone else the next day. Grabbed my tiny backpack, gave Q a goodbye-kiss, and headed downstairs. The original plan was for me to stay the night on the campgrounds with Alex, but I obviously didn’t, so I had to improvise a little. I called for a taxi, got to the shuttle, and headed out. Everyone on the shuttle was very sleepy (it left around 8:30am), and talking about their experiences with each other. It felt almost like closure, and like I was able to live through everyone’s memories for a couple hours.

Airport Dwelling

At the O’Hare airport, I realised I had about 11 hours to kill. I spent a lot of it catching up with Alex and comparing our Electric Forest stories. I also got two coffees (I had a gift card I was looking to eat up) and a Chicago-style hot dog. After Alex left, I explored the outer parts of the airport for a few hours. Then, I went through security, and explored the inside for a few more hours. I found a juice bar to charge my phone and portable charger, so I just sat and ate McDonalds while I did that. I’m kind of surprised at how quickly time passed.

Eventually, I got in line to board my flight. There were three little girls who wanted to make friends with me, and it was super adorable. They asked if my favourite colour was black, since that was all I was wearing. They also asked how old I was and what my name was and if I was visiting Vegas for the fourth of July.

The flight itself was okay. I tried really hard to sleep. My stomach started hurting, but I figured it was just from eating the fast food and some sweettarts and mentos I purchased
(spoiler alert: it was not). After landing in Vegas, I had about 6 more hours to kill, so I tried sleeping on the floor of the airport. My stomach was really acting up at this point, but I pushed through.

Finally, it came time for me to shuttle back home. I slept for the majority of the ride, but when we got there, I could tell I was completely sick. I was able to walk home, but I felt like I could vomit at any moment. It sucked.

Wook Flu

When I got home, I passed out. Then I woke up, showered, made some pho (wasn’t able to finish it), did some work. I still feel really sick. The plan was to head out to Los Angeles for AX weekend, but now I’m really not feeling up to it. I also don’t want to get everyone else sick. Ah well, there will always be other chances to meet up with everyone.

I saw a post on the Electric Forest Year-Round Facebook group (thanks to Alex for introducing me to it) that made a joke about Wook Flu. I’m not exactly sure about what I’m sick with, most likely picked up something on my travels back, but I think “Wook Flu” is funnier.

Regardless, this trip was so worth it. It was worth the waiting and the money and the slight bouts of stress. I’m glad I got to meet everyone, and to see Quentin for his birthday and for his live set. I’d love to take another second to thank Alistair in particular for helping me to get this all set up, even if it was mostly last-second.

Other Accompanying Thoughts

I wasn’t on my phone as much as I probably would’ve normally been. However, I am both sad and happy about it. Although now I’m missing a lot of crucial moments for this blog post, I was able to live more in the moment at Electric Forest. There are a lot less photos of me being there. Regardless, I figure that everyone else has videos and pictures I can use (as I’ve compiled in this post). My snapchat stories helped me to keep everything in chronological order, while also not being a huge hassle to “plan” the post.

I am beyond grateful to have been able to celebrate Quentin’s birthday with him, to have seen him play his set at Electric Forest, and to have met so many wonderful people. Everything is going pretty well! Even if I am sick and had to cancel my LA trip. Maybe this is just life reminding me I need to get back to work and pay all of this off.

Things are good. Life is really good.