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Have you ever been to a festival… in Minecraft? Welcome to Coalchella.

About a month ago, my friend Braden posted a teaser poster of a Minecraft event roster.  I favourited it and responded something like “LOL NO WAY”.  He hit me up in the DMs and asked if I’d want to b2b with my boyfriend, Quentin.  Obviously, I said yes.

Hyping Up Coalchella

Some time later, the roster was announced.

The set times & roster!

I love pretty much everyone on this list.  A few unfamiliar names can be loved as well, so I actually love everyone on this list.  We all have a twitter group chat (I’m very shy and anxious so I don’t talk much in it) and everyone is so kind and supportive and just… excited.  It’s a wonderful environment.

The hype is unreal.  There’s a Q&A on Melting of Age featuring the Coalchella founders.  “#COALCHELLA” is currently featured on many twitter handles and descriptions.  Even Diplo asked if he could come (this tweet has since been deleted).

Diplo tweeted "Can I come"

The Morning Of

It’s been a while since my twitter timeline has had so much excitement over one event.  I actually missed it a lot, it reminds me of 2015-era twitter.

Well, the hype worked great in our favour.  Eclipse (Chandler Riggs) tweeted out an announcement for Coalchella, and The Walking Dead twitter also made a comment about it.  We’ve been getting pretty good coverage!

The Walking Dead tweeted "Why isn't this called Coralchella?" I never watched The Walking Dead, but I think it's supposed to be an inside joke.

The Discord Server

I joined the server a while back, but haven’t really talked much in it.  However, today I stepped foot in General Chat 5 and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of people there.  The limit per voice chat is 50 people, and that quota was met and exceeded, spilling out into the other four general voice chats.  As of right now (8 minutes before showtime), there are about 1.5 thousand people in the server.

The discord server itself is actually set up really cool.  There are the meta channels, such as FAQ, announcements, event photos, etc.  Then, there are a couple of private/VIP chats and voice rooms, followed by their general counterparts.

While everyone was pre-gaming in the servers, Diplo tweeted that he’s actually coming.

Diplo tweeted "Ok I'm going" to Coalchella.

…In Minecraft

Okay, you guys, so here’s the thing: I don’t have Minecraft.  I’ve played it once or twice, using my friends’ accounts, but I just couldn’t really get into it the way I had gotten into Animal Crossing or Undertale.

However, I am tempted to purchase a Minecraft account for the prosperity.  We have really cool artists (such as Omar, Elena, mushbuh, and kikkujo) designing Minecraft merch that would be super cool to have.  It might actually be worth the $30 account for that sake.  The other, cheaper option is that DJs have a few accounts we can borrow.

I look so cute in Minecraft.

Ten minutes later: Okay I bought Minecraft.  I want the merch.

I probably should not have bought this, since I will not open it again until the next Minecraft party.  Also, tonight I learned that you can create your own skins (I didn’t make the one pictured, I just found it here).

For real though, no one told me how pretty the Minecraft music was.

Opening Up The Coalchella Server

There were some technical difficulties at first.  I mean, what do you expect when you have seven hundred people ready to party in Minecraft.

Select a Stage at Coalchella: Redblocks or Bedrocks

The Big Boys restarted the server a couple of times.  Luckily, to avoid cut set times (and for people who don’t have minecraft), audio is ready to stream on the website!

Update: They had to move the audio to Mixlr, and that made me even more nostalgic.  Look at that profile picture. Oh my goodness.

Mixlr audio

Braden posted a video into our group chat (though I don’t think I’m allowed to share) of just a bunch of people getting in the server.  That’s overwhelming, these guys are doing so well trying to get everything working and going smoothly.  It’s such a huge turnout.

Exploring the Coalchella Terrain

It is currently more than an hour past “start time” for Coalchella, and I’ve spent the last hour exploring the world because there are still some technical difficulties.  I’m almost in tears.  These guys thought of everything.

After a while, I got kind of anxious so I had to take a little break (and a lot of this blogpost was written/edited in that time).  I was listening the whole time, though.  Here was my listening schedule:

Someone spotted me at Coalchella!  He took a screenshot and sent it with the message "we snuck backstage and look who I found HAHAHAHAA"
  • XAVI
  • KOJO

I rate them all 10/10.  The only time I really took a break was when I had to get up and make dinner (aka run and grab a few packets of poptarts and scoop some ice cream into a bowl).

Also, I truly appreciate the people who tweeted at me and dm’d me and sent facebook messages wishing us luck on our set!  That means a lot, and it was really encouraging to read especially since I was handling my anxiety for most of the festival.

telepathics b2b kiwi

Quentin is playing under “kiwi” because he wanted to play harder songs that are usually recognized under his Kidswaste alias.  His cat’s name is Kiwi.  Apparently his cat also ran across Quentin’s CDJs while he was mixing, so let’s go with that.

After a while (around SLEEPYCATT’s set), I was finally given my DJ role, so I got to explore the VIP sections and backstages.  At this point there were so many people that the server was lagging pretty bad anyway.  It was fine regardless!

Until we crashed.  The servers got moved over to Hypixel during Warpstr’s set.  Personally, I have no idea what that means.  All I know is that I lost my DJ role and everyone disappeared but the chat was still connected.  That was about when I logged off of Minecraft because it was just a bit confusing and overwhelming.  But Mixlr was very nice!  (Quentin did great).

The Takeaway

Coalchella: 13636 users online.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of Coalchella.  What a wild day.  I literally sat in this chair for about 6 hours straight.  But, I experienced a completely immersive experience with so many people I care about and made some friends along the way.  It’s just so cool for something like this to bring so many people together.

Thank you so much to everyone who came.  Huge thank you to Hypixel for taking over when the servers were taking way too much strain.  Thanks to everyone who spent the last couple of months building out the world.  Big ups to everyone who performed.  I also want to give a particular shout out to the guys who truly made Coalchella possible.

Can’t wait for the next one!  Lavapalooza?



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